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Realtor Diana Rittenhouse is surrounded by April fools—fools for love that is. Her oldest clients, her partner Liz, her stepdaughter Ginny and even her elderly mother Viv are planning weddings. Only Matthew, her longtime lover, is stubbornly avoiding the subject of marriage.

As Diana struggles with her disappointment, a mysterious enemy attempts to intimidate and kill her. From tire slashing to a car bomb, does this evil stem from her unmasking of an illegal alien, her listing of a foreclosed “drug house”—or what about those skeletons she dug up? Has the perpetrator of a forty-year-old triple murder decided she needs to die?

As she tries to stay alive, Diana fears she may be the biggest April fool of all.

caveat emptor—buyer beware. It pretty much sums up every human endeavor worth taking a chance on, marriage included.






Long-awaited last in the series


Diana Rittenhouse Mystery 5/5