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Kate Merrill's MURDER at METROLINA mysstery

Artist Amanda Rittenhouse is a genius at refashioning old twisted metal into unique sculpture. But the twists of fate in her own life are a lot more challenging. Recovering from a devastating breakup, she returns to North Carolina and reconnects with the family she hasn’t seen since she left her dysfunctional home when she turned 18.

Despite dealing with some residual mama drama and a new extended family, Amanda decides to stay and try to refashion her own life. She rents a workspace and booth at Metrolina Tradeshow Expo, one of the largest arts and antiques shows in the country. The other tenants are as varied as their wares and run the gamut from kooky to creepy.

Although Amanda’s mom’s skill as an amateur sleuth has earned her the local reputation as “a crime scene waiting to happen,” the biggest mystery in Amanda’s life right now is whether or not the incredibly attractive sister of one of the other exhibitors is straight. Until one of the exhibitors makes a sensational announcement that turns Metrolina’s opening weekend into chaos on steroids. And exposes its dark underbelly of greed, jealousy…and murder.

Kate Merrill's HOMICIDE in HATTERAS mystery

When Amanda Rittenhouse’s new girlfriend, psychiatrist Sara Orlando, convinces her to hire one of her patients to bake a wedding cake, Amanda can’t say no. The fact that the baker is an ex-con doesn’t really worry her until the wedding day arrives.

Then during the ceremony the baker disappears, thrusting Amanda and Sara into a twisted web that involves kidnapping, drug trafficking, and murder.

Concerned for her patient Tammy, Sara invites Amanda to vacation with her on the Outer Banks, where Tammy’s mother still lives. As it turns out Amanda isn’t the only amateur sleuth in the relationship. With every layer Sara and Amanda peel back about Tammy and her family, the deeper they’re pulled into a dangerous trap.

With Hurricane Bella barreling its way to shore, the pressure is on to find Tammy and uncover the reasons behind her disappearance. Is Tammy just an innocent victim in these shadowy dealings, or does she play a larger role? Sara and Amanda are about to find out.

Kate Merrill's MURDER at MIDTERM mystery

After President McDonald’s election, Amanda Rittenhouse and her lover Sara are devastated by the division in the nation. Together with Maya and her partner, Shar, they organize to defeat the conservative Congressman in their deep red North Carolina district.


But the road to the Midterm includes an assassination attempt and a murder. Amanda suspects the mercenary who arrives to secretly build war planes in the district is behind the violence. She determines to solve these deadly mysteries and lands squarely in the killer’s crosshairs. Will anyone survive until Election Day?

When Amanda Rittenhouse feels betrayed by her partner Sara, she flees to the festive mountain town of Asheville, NC with Gina, a predatory stranger with romantic intentions. She intends to explore the bustling art scene for new studio space, but instead runs headlong into a web of intrigue. They stay with the elderly potter Carl and the younger painter Ron, who have tensions and secrets of their own. Are they a gay couple? Does the widow Gladys want to marry Carl for his money, does eccentric Millie want to kill him for his art collection? What about the sinister outsiders—a Chicago gangster, the burly stranger stalking them and the charming surfer dude with an agenda?  Someone has murder in mind, and Amanda lands squarely in the crosshairs.

While ducking unwanted sexual advances, targeted by the police and trying to stay alive, Amanda is both upset and relieved when Sara arrives in Asheville to try to save their relationship. Together can they solve the deadly mysteries that threaten to destroy both Amanda and her new friends? Can Amanda and Sara reconcile their differences, then survive to enjoy a second chance?

Mayberry Cover.png

When Sculptor Amanda Rittenhouse’s beloved grandmother dies under suspicious circumstances, her will unearths a long-buried scandal that sends Amanda and her psychiatrist lover, Sara Orlando, to “Mayberry” North Carolina, which proves to be the violent opposite of Andy Griffith’s benign 1960s television sitcom.


Turns out Grandma had a secret life. As a teenager, defying racism and choosing love, she gave birth to Judd, giving Amanda a new, loving, and diverse extended family. Grandma also left two hundred acres of prime real estate, which is coveted by a large cast of vicious, greedy developers. In their most desperate adventure to date, Amanda and Sara are confronted by murder, an apparent suicide, and a sniper determined to dispose of her and all the other heirs.


As Amanda embraces her new relatives, redefines her love for Sara as family, and celebrates her grandmother’s courage, she also hopes she will live long enough to enjoy it all.


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